​Welcome to Chickenvilleusa Home of Cheryl's Happy Hens!
900 Baby chicks arriving Wednesday, Nov 25th! $6 to $10 depending on breed..all with Mareks vaccination!
700 Juvenile CHICKENS 2.5 months old. These will range in price from $11 to $17 with a Mareks and Fowl Pox vaccinations.  This is the last order this year for the rare breeds.  All standard breeds will continue to come in every  8 weeks. So we will always have chicks for you year round!
Proud Provider of Chickens to the Dallas Zoo and Gentle Zoo in Forney!

Call us for an appointment to come out and view our girls. Phone us at 972.524.8825 or 972.400.0113  or e-mail me at cclacy@att.net with any questions you may have. We see customers by appointment only.  This gives us enough time to really help you pick out the right breeds for you. Saturdays are our busiest day so call by Thursday to get an appointment for Saturday.

THANKS TO YOU, OUR GREAT CUSTOMERS, WE CURRENTLY  Sold out on adult chickens. We have 19 breeds on hand including Ameraucanas, Cuckoo Marans, Black Australorps, Welsummers, Black & Golden Sex Links,  Buff Orpingtons, New Hampshire Reds,  Silver, Golden and Blue laced Wyandottes, Rhode Island Reds, Speckled Sussex, Dominiques, Light and Buff Brahmas, Delawares, California Whites, and Danish Brown leghorns  Current Pullets start at $1100  and go up to $17.00 for the rare breeds.  
 After their 2nd vaccination and as they get older the price goes up each week for feed and housing.  All birds have  2 vaccinations, one for Fowl Pox and one for Mareks.

To see our web page on goats please go to http://www.goatsvilleusa.homestead.com

Guineas are a seasonal item and we are currently sold out.
Guineas live on insects, seeds and grasses. They control deer ticks, wood ticks, grasshoppers, box elder bugs, flies and crickets plus many other insects. Their call will discourage rodents.  They will kill snakes,mice and small rats and alert you to anything unusual.

Check out KLTV.com, channel 7 out of Tyler.

They did a news story on us 9.30.2015.

In the search box type in Chickenvilleusa video and look for the news story entitled

"Total control over your food", buy a live chicken!

We had fun sharing our girls and our story on how we started up and grew thanks you to our great